What Makes a Successful Website?

Building a web site is not necessarily a difficult process and a few nice pictures here and there can certainly create a pleasing feast for the eyes. However, for it to be a source of new business, it must resonate with the very people it is targeting and make it easy for them to make a decision to buy without them having to work too hard.

Our approach remains the same with every client, regardless of industry sector – to undertake a groundwork phase to get a detailed understanding of the site’s purpose. This groundwork is carried out prior to any build process and sets the foundation for a site that speaks to the target market and turns visitors into new clients. This groundwork phase:

– defines the site’s target markets
– prioritises these markets
– creates the important messages for these markets to be attracted to the offering
– considers how these markets might go about finding the site

If a site is built with this information in mind, it becomes a far stronger offering and has a greater chance of success.

One other focus is to keep it simple – don’t be afraid of white space, don’t try to be everything to everyone and focus on the 80% while letting the 20% decide for themselves. This helps to ensure that a site presents relevant information in a clear efficient form. The site will not simply sit idle, it will start to produce business right from the off.

A wedding venue in Aberdeenshire will have an entirely different market focus than a villa developer in Mallorca, an interior designer in Chorleywood will be different to a company selling grain-free pet food, so to define the target market first will allow for a far more efficient website.


What Makes a Successful Website?

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Our Clients

Just a few of the clients we have worked for over the years

  • a stately home in Scotland
  • a Master of Wine
  • a local Financial Services company
  • a self storage company based in Moscow, Russia
  • a salmon and trout fly-fishing estate in Scotland
  • Kodak
  • a Botswana safari company
  • a professor of spinal surgery
  • Team AON World Touring Cars
  • Aylesbury Vale District Council
  • a Russian Borzoi puppy breeder
  • British F3 and British GT series'
  • a global pet food brand
  • a leading London recruitment company
  • a luxury villa developer in Mallorca
  • Douwe Egberts
  • two Bentley Works racing drivers
  • a leading motorcycle dealer
  • a local bed & breakfast
  • a wind farm developer
  • a renewable energy investment fund
  • The Royal National Institute of Blind People
  • a Hot Yoga studio
  • an anti-fatigue matting company
  • Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
  • Bucks County Show

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